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Information about Fred Stevens, Jr.

All information current as of 01/18/04

A reference containing a picture of Fred Stevens' "the Four Frogs" can be found on page 5 of the:

California Academy of Sciences - Course Catalog - Fall/Winter 2002-03.

Some more information from the same institution is available at:

California Academy of Sciences - News Releases

Edwin Dominick wrote a very good informative article on sandpaintings that mentions Fred Stevens on page 5. It also has a good bit of information on some basic symbolism of sandpaintings. The original paper has disappeared, but there is still a cached version from Google. This can be found at:

There is a web site in French, that shows a picture of Fred Stevens doing a sandpainting demonstration and pictures of not only some of his works, but also some of the works of his son, daughter, and daughter-in-law. It also promotes a book by Sylvie Crossman that is made up of pictures of the Barbara and Glen Harris Sandpainting Collection. A large sandpainting that was a collaborative effort between members of the Stevens family is shown here. Clicking on the book cover graphic above it will show a page containing several other sandpaintings. This site is loocated at:

A site with a review of the book mentioned above (located on page 9), also mentions Fred Stevens. It is located at:

An announcement of Fred Stevens' 1966 demonstration at the Horniman Museum is located at:

The Horniman Museum recently published an article about restoring the large Sandpainting that Fred Stevens did while he was there. It is located here

A bulletin from the Kennedy Museum of Art located at Ohio University mentions Fred Stevens on page 2. The Bulletin is in Adobe PDF format so you might need to download the PDF reader program from Adobe to read it. This bulletin is located at:

Jason Waltman mentions Fred Stevens in an Expository Writing paper he produced in 1997. On page 5, he states that Fred Stevens is one of the founders of the art of sandpainting. The information in this paper is very heavily based on Nancy Parezo's 1983 book "Navajo Sandpainting: From Religious Act to Commercial Art". This is located at:

A friend of Fred Stevens has posted a short biography at:

A Thumbnail Biography of Fred Stevens Jr.

A small publishing company called Nizhoni Cards is now reproducing prints of some of Fred Stevens' artworks in various sizes. The web site has some biographical information, background information on sandpaintings, and graphics showing some of these works. The site is located at: